(House Rules)

The Dance Floor

Establishing a dreamlike dance foor is a collective effort. Creating those magical where it feels like everyone is in sync, can only happen if you surrender yourself to the music. Use spaces for their intended purpose. A dance floor is made for dancing, we created dedicated areas for you to pull back and connect with people in different ways.

A Safe Space

At Klub Dramatik Festival, we believe in personal freedom, true diversity, responsible integrity and general respect. Self-expression is what makes our scene so beautiful, so not one person coming through our doors should face prejudice, criticism or conflict. Instead, our event is a place of unrestrained celebration where different identities can flourish side by side.

You yourself are responsible for the actions, words and energy that you bring to our space. We aim to create a diverse and inclusive atmosphere, where everyone can feel comfortable being their complete selves and move through our space as they see fit. We encourage interacting with others, but only with respect for the integrity of the other. Furthermore, we explicitly want to communicate that there is no room for the male ego. If we notice any type of harassment towards anyone we ill calmly guid you to the exit. When you see, hear or suspect any discriminative behaviour, speak up and contact our volunteers or security personnel.