(Practical info)

Klub Dramatik App

This year we’ll have our own mobile application for all payments on site. So from now own, payments are done by phone at the bar through the app and QR code. (No wristbands with RFID)

Download the Klub Dramatik app and top up whenever and wherever with Apple Pay, Bancontact, or credit card.

Top up packages available now with free tokens. (limited time only)

Too much hassle?

We still accept cash and bank cards at the festival to top up your wallet aswel.

What if my battery dies?

If you have any trouble with the app or battery issues we got you covered with backup token cards. Your remaining funds on your wallet can be transferred to the cards at anytime and you can top up your card when it runs out.

Cashless support / Info kiosk

If you have any questions/trouble regarding the app during the festival you can ask all necessary information at the kiosk.

Eco tokens

We work with an eco cup guarantee of 1 token per cup.
Finished your drink? Keep your cup/can and exchange it at the bar when ordering a new drink.

Lost your cup/can? A new eco cup guarantee of 1 token will be charged for your next one.


The remaining funds in your wallet + your outstanding eco cup guarantee tokens can be refunded via the app starting on 29.05.2023 until 12.06.2023.


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