(Frequently Asked Questions)

Lockers & cloakroom

No. We do not provide these facilities. With summer temperatures a sweater should be sufficient. If rain is predicted, we will distribute free ponchos at the bar to keep your clothes dry!

Lost your ticket?

You can easily found your lost ticket here

Payment options

This year we’ll have our own mobile application for all payments on site. So from now own, payments are done by phone at the bar through the app and QR code. (No wristbands with RFID)

Download the Klub Dramatik app and top up whenever and wherever with Apple Pay, Bancontact, or credit card.

Top up packages available now with free tokens. (limited time only)


More info on our practicals page.

Token Refund

The remaining funds in your wallet + your first 0,5 token eco cup guarantee can be refunded via the app starting on 29.05.2023 until 12.06.2023.


Yes, we sell cigarettes at the normal price + a service fee. You can buy them at our Info Desk.

Eco token cups

We work with an eco cup guarantee of 0,5 tokens per cup.
Finished your drink? Keep your cup/can and exchange it at the bar when ordering a new drink.

Don’t want to keep your cup/can while it’s empty? Hand it in at the bar and the guarantee will be added back to your wallet.
Lost your cup/can? A new eco cup guarantee of 0,5 tokens will be charged for your next one

Door policy

The minimum age of entry is 21+
In=In / Out=Out.

Drug policy

We apply a zero drug tolerance policy at the festival.


Parking your car in the park is prohibited, there are a lot of parking options nearby, find out more at the transport page.


We ask you politely to respect the park and the surrounding neighbourhood, we’ve had zero complaints over the years and are very thankful for this. Like last year, we did not put crowd control fences in front of the stages to reserve their beauty, please respect our constructions and do not touch them. Please keep our site clean and throw your trash in the bins. Small effort, big difference.

Core Values

Please read our core values for a better understanding what Klub Dramatik festival stands for and how we want to reflect these values to our visitors.